Bird Eye View Rendering from Google Earth

Date: 22 02 2021


The proposed site is being developed by several different investors and will include multifamily apartments, senior living facilities, storage buildings, and other amenities for the residents.


In support of the recurring client of The View, an aerial still rendering was produced to assist in the presentation of a conceptual mixed-use development project to the City’s governing body.


The existing site consisted largely of farmland, so The View team was tasked with bringing the client’s development plan to life by gathering relevant background information then going through three phases of rendering approval to ensure the model continued to align with client’s vision.

Instead of attending the City review meeting with an uninspiring flat drawing, which can be difficult for many to grasp conceptually, developer was armed with a beautiful 3D visualization to ensure each City member understood exactly how the project would positively impact the surrounding community. 



The main challenge with this project was the lack of existing information to work with regarding what the layout of the site would look like. This required The View to work closely with client to understand the building layout on the site, how the surrounding landscape would change as a result of development, and the unique purpose of each building on the site. The project also required a high level of aerial image quality.

However, with drone photography not being included in the budget, The View’s production team had to improvise to achieve this. A sharp image quality was attained by taking several snapshots in Google Earth Studio with narrow viewing angles, then stitching the snapshots together to produce a highly detailed 3D reconstruction of the site. A neural network was then used to raise the image resolution prior to combining the render with the enhanced Google image. Once combined, the image was further enhanced through final processing and color correction. 



With minimal conceptual design material to work from, The View was able to turn the client’s vision into a reality. The results spoke for themselves as the project successfully passed through the City’s approval process and is now preparing for construction.



Why do you need to use Google Earth?
Sometime renering projects have no additional budgets to cover expenses to hire drone pilot. Or site is located in drone restricted area where drone flights are impiossible
Why are you saying this project is unique?
In this case study we are going to show our potential clients, that conteporary technologies allows to modernize work process, save budgets and get amazing results. This is key advantage of our agency comparing with another vendors.
How much do you charge for it?
Google Earth improvement for using in still rendering is free for client. We charge additional fee only in case hiring drone photographer.
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