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The View is a unique company in this industry as technology is at our core. Our agency was established in 2017 with the idea of developing VR applications for all kinds of Real Estate clients. After working with many clients in our early years, we found that they did not just want to buy one product, but rather needed a more complex marketing solution. With experience in 3D modeling, 360 tours, Drone Filmings and Video Production, we just decided to adapt and centralize all of the services in one place.
From humble beginnings as a small rendering studio, we have grown to a global agency with capabilities to serve the world’s biggest companies. We are committed to working with clients directly, honestly and compassionately to provide solutions that fit their needs, budgets and timelines. Our 40+ people team is already trusted by many clients in North America, Worldwide and we are looking forward to working with your team next.
Starting with your first conversation with The View’s commercial team, you will be introduced to an expert in renderings, virtual solutions and marketing. Our team of experts will listen to your needs and recommend the most suitable solution based on our years of experience.
With your project getting underway, you will be introduced to our technical team including architects, designers and engineers, capable of bringing your project to life. Whether you are experienced with purchasing these assets, or a first time buyer, our team will be prepared to help with any requests you have.
Getting beautiful content created does not help with your potential clients unless it is marketed to them effectively. That is why our products and implementation are designed in a way to drive action at all stages - whether how we implement stills, features on tours or cinematography on animations.

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Experienced experts from a wide variety of backgrounds
Casey McEnry
Casey McEnry
Co-Founder and COO

Casey is an advocate for our clients. He manages revenue operations, marketing and strategic partnerships.

Max Bilida
Max Bilida
Co-Founder and CEO

He is responsible for product development, finance and is an experienced VR Developer in the past.

Zach Chiono
Zach Chiono
Sales and Customer Success

Zach is expert in Real Estate Marketing. He consults new client engagements and manages all projects.

Alex Moshkin
Alex Moshkin
Co-Founder and CPO

He manages a production team and integrates new technologies to make client's business effective.

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