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Every Rendered Tour Package Includes

Virtual Tours can be made for the living space only, or for every space in your development

  • 1

    TheViewVR Virtual Tour

    Custom adaptive player with the freedom of movement can be integrated to your website and property listings.

  • 2

    Still Renderings

    Three high quality still renderings per each area for print and publishing.

  • 3

    Google My Business Integration

    Increase search rank position and show your property on google maps.

  • 4

    Guided Tour

    Create the path for your client with auto-play. Customizable additions include voiceover, music and more

  • 5


    Client dashboard, codes for embedding, visitor insights and more.

  • 6

    Dollhouse and Measure

    These tools help to give a better understanding of space dimensions

  • 7

    Screenshot options

    Dozens of screenshots can be customized and used for Social Media


Breath life into your
new development

The magic of photorealistic 3D visualization
allows you to start full-fledged marketing
campaigns during development.



Put Virtual Tours
to leasing websites





Create real demand 

Rendered Tours will enable leads to envision
living in their new home and sell or
lease units more quickly.


Watch how it works



Try It Out Yourself



What is main advantage of this solution?
For users, the virtual tour has become an industry standard allowing them to view the space from the comfort of their home. For marketers, the virtual tour can be used across platforms while providing advanced insights, features and analytics.
How do you charge for amenities, apartments, exteriors?
For Rendered Tours we have standard packages like Amenities Package, Unit Packages and more. For custom pricing, you can contact our Sales Team.
Do you charge any hosting fee for using your player?
In some cases we charge a hosting fee. It depends on the amount of areas, expected lifetime of tours, updating Rendered Tour to Photography tour.

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