The View strives to provide a smooth, rewarding, and professional start-to-finish process. To facilitate our job and your goals, we’ve set up helpful guidelines and tips which should be addressed prior to the scheduled shoot. It is up to you to prepare the home/property for the shoot. Our professionals are not permitted to move or remove items and failure to comply with these guidelines may result in delays and an additional surcharge. We ask you to read these over carefully.


For all areas of the property/home:

Complete a thorough cleaning, including vacuuming, mopping, wiping countertops, and washing windows throughout the entire property. All overhead lights should be turned ON. Replace any burned out or missing light bulbs. Verify that the same temperature of light bulb is carried out throughout the home – either ALL incandescent or ALL compact fluorescent. Turn off all ceiling fans. Shut off all televisions. Turn off all computer screens. Allow in natural light by OPENING all blinds or window treatments. Make the beds. Remove personal photographs. Eliminate all small area rugs. Put away shoes and jackets in closets.


For the sake of curb appeal:

Close the garage doors Remove cars from driveway and along the front Perform landscape maintenance such as mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs, and raking leaves. Pick up/put away misplaced items such as toys, empty planters, water hoses, and garden tools.


To create a relaxing oasis in the backyard:

Clean and straighten deck, patio, outdoor tables, chairs, cushions, etc. Eliminate faded/stained cushions, pillows, or patio umbrellas Pick up/put away toys, athletic equipment, and games Vacuum, skim, and clean pool and surrounding area Remove/conceal pool equipment, chemicals, and cleaning supplies Activate any pool fountains or water features Put away water hoses Remove trash cans


To enhance the kitchen as the focal point:

Clean and clear countertops Put away/conceal baking supplies, knife blocks, cutting boards, etc. Keep a maximum of one small, visible appliance such as the coffee maker. Remove any magnets, papers, or photos from the refrigerator for a clear outside surface. Conceal garbage cans. Leave no dishes in the sink.


Create the setting for a family meal in the dining room:

Clear the dining room table Dust/Polish the table Set up decorative place settings if applicable. Include one centerpiece, such as a vase of flowers. Make sure chairs are straightened, pushed in, and spaced evenly.


Enhance the appearance of the family room:

Eliminate stacks of papers, mail, magazines, and clutter. Clear the fireplace mantle/hearth, leaving no more than five items. Clean the interior of the fireplace. Arrange and fluff any decorative pillows. Pick up and put away any toys or stray items.


Create an inviting sense of relaxation in the bedrooms:

Press bed linens and bed skirts to eliminate wrinkles. Make the beds. Clear nightstands of personal items and clutter. Put away any phone or tablet charging cables. Clear surfaces of dressers. Remove any personal photos from walls and dressers. Clean under the beds and tuck away items that might show in photos.


Offer a clean bathroom:

Remove soap, toothbrushes, medications, cosmetics, and all personal items. Entirely clear countertops. Put toilet seats down. Close drawers and closet doors tightly. Remove soap, shampoo, and all items from showers and tubs. Remove floor mats. Remove used bath towels, hand towels, or washcloths. Display only new, unused towels.


While we love pets, their presence should be minimized:

Remove food and water bowls, pet toys, and bedding. Apply a lint roller to furniture and thoroughly eliminate pet hair. Contain pets outdoors or in a hidden crate. Clear the yard of pet waste, toys, or leads.